Vic's Music Site

This site has been here in various forms for about twenty years and has been showing
its age, like its owner. It was the home site of the New Composers Web Ring for over
ten years, during which the ring hosted the sites of sometimes over a hundred
composers and some of their music. The site has always been entirely non-commercial.

With the coming of Google,Yahoo,Facebook,Flickr, and the rest, this web ring, along
with WebRing itself, declined rapidly. Whilst I'm tidying the site, I've removed any
webring residues. Over the past twelve years or so the site has mainly been used to
carry a few pieces of mine. These were written on current versions of the Sibelius
music-writing program (which I refuse to call an app). This meant that they could be
read, printed, downloaded and played using the Scorch plug-in.

Since Avid acquired the Sibelius program and Scorch, I for one have been unable to use
Scorch with Windows 10. Also Scorch was said to be obsolescent, so I have had to convert
all scores to pdf. This was far from straightforward, but I had written The Long Lament
for myself and thought it might help a few others, so the site needed modernizing a bit.

The string quartet was completed this year (2018). The other works shown are Song and
Anthem (2011) and Spring Tide (2006), both intended for classical orchestra. An earlier
quartet, By the Cliffs (2000) has been removed pending possible small improvements.