Spring Tide: Some Notes

Natural rock slabs

  This work was suggested as a celebration of days enjoyed on our local beach
on the South Wales Heritage Coast.

  Although not a programme piece, Spring Tide does fall into three sections.

  The first was suggested by the high morning tide ebbing to reveal the sands,
allowing us onto the beach and maybe permitting a swim.
  Gradually the sea fades into the distance.

  During the middle section (bars 108 to 173) the sea is forgotten.   We enjoy
the day on the rocks and sands, watch the cliff birds and take advantage of the full
spread of beach exposed.

  The last section was suggested by the slow acceleration of the great tide
eventually sweeping back to reclaim the sands.
  Then the big rollers start to march across and finally
the full spring tide is crashing across the boulders into the base of the cliffs.

  Music can take on a life of its own, and for those who react favourably to
this piece, it may come to suggest entirely different things which can be linked to
slow loss of power, an intermediate period and a return of full force.

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