Music for String Quartet:            

By the Cliffs- A South Wales idyll.

  The work is in three sections, playing times about 4, 4, 4 minutes.
This music is not written for any electronic device, but for players of classical instruments.
The mp3 had to be made by computer synthesis.

The first section was suggested by the scenic stroll down from the village
through the cwm to the cliffs and the beach.

The second part may suggest the frequent contrasts on the beach, especially when
an eerie sea-fog is rolling about and sudden sunbursts show a fast tide racing in.

The third section is in two parts. The first is a memory of a choppy sea up against the cliffs.
The last part came from quiet walks along the shore line.

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Beach by the cliffs

The music can be read, heard as MIDI and printed out.
Scores for instrument parts can be produced.
To access the score, it is necessary to install
Scorch because the Sibelius music program has been used.
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UPDATE: If there are problems with a current plug-in,
please go to
for section I. Replace the reference by
14158 for section II or 14159 for section III.

Score & Midi.
Score & Midi.
Score & Midi.